August 1, 2015

Rosemary Valadon – A Sensual World

Rosemary Valadon is an award-winning Australian artist, now based in the historic town of Hill End. In the tradition of Grace Cossington Smith and Margaret Preston, she has reinterpreted a distinctly Australian femininity and domestic aesthetic.

Valadon has done several series of works that seek to celebrate femininity and sensuality. Her Muses series, and more recently, Wicked Women, reinterpret myths and stereotypes of women in a way that captures a very contemporary feminism.

This film explores Rosemary Valadon’s life story, her influences and her practice. It traces her the major work – large triptych still-lifes that capture the seasons of Hill End. Against the dramatic change of seasons, this film is a portrait of one of Australia’s under-appreciated women artists and the Hill End community that has been a deep source of strength and creative inspiration for her.

Find out more about Rosemary and her remarkable body of work at her website.